You’re getting fat, 1 cup at a time

Put down whatever you are drinking at the moment before your nice suit pants blow the button on the waist line off. I know you’re just getting into the office and my bet is that you brought a nice hot or iced beverage from your local over priced coffee dealer. No one has time to make breakfast but everyone has time to stand in line at a coffee shop. If you’re a straight black coffee drinker like me then this article will just humor you. If you ordered some fancy pants drink this morning (I’m not even going to try to guess, or say it right) you may get as upset as the “baristas” do when I ask for a “medium”.

In my experiences helping people lose weight or stay in shape, one thing is always the same. People just don’t realize what they are eating or drinking. General negligence of nutrition.  What I am talking about today are the insane amount of calories you may be consuming from your favorite drink that you may have every morning!

Let’s pick on Starbucks today. Looking at their nutritional information (which I have posted the link below) I have decided that things range from a coffee with a nice caffeine buzz (heart healthy in moderation) to liquid desserts!  Coffee and tea is naturally low in calories. Try to keep it that way. If you don’t like it black keep the milk (no cream) to a minimum. For those who order “extra-extra” just ask for a cup of Type II Diabetes. I just want you to consider what is going into your coffee. Just because you don’t chew it doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain calories.

Coffee is the least of your worries. It seems as though that the longer the title of your order is, whatever you belt out at the barista, the more calories it contains. I should try to research the “syllable to calorie ratio”.

Cappuccino (grande with 2%)  120 calories – More than a can of Pepsi

Latte (grande with 2%) 190  calories

(Flavored- 250 calories) Even the “skinny” has 180 calories (they should call it chubby)

Peppermint white chocolate mocha – 470 calories- About the same amount of calories as many Value Meals at McDonalds

The problem that I see is not necessarily the calorie amounts. It’s these two things;

1. Enjoying these drinks is habitual. We drink these damn near everyday! So it might prove more difficult to turn down then say a slice a cake here and there.

2. You still haven’t had anything to eat! These calories won’t fill you. And I don’t even want to bring up the calorie amounts of the foods you might order with these drinks.

Check out your favorite beverage and educate yourself on nutrition.

Drink Nutrition Information -Starbucks

At the least it woke you up enough to read this article.


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