You’re a Trainer but Not a Dog Trainer: Benefits of Educating the Client

Educating the Masses

I believe that it is important that we as coaches and trainers not only instruct our clients and members on the technique of exercise but also enhance the education and knowledge of exercise science and biomechanics.

At the risk of talking over a client’s head or over complicating things there is a time and place for teaching some basics of movement science. This will not only help the client discover things on their own and provide them with the ability to trouble shoot, avoid injury, and even correct poor movement but it will make it easier to work with them and enhance the dialogue between you. I guess what I’m trying to explain is don’t just teach the squat or deadliftt but teach what exactly is happening to perform the movement. Explain what actions of the body are necessary.

Here are some fundamental biomechanics and anatomy I feel are worth teaching to clients:

  • Pelvic tilt (anterior, posterior, and neutral)
  • Global flexion and extension
  • Hip Hinge/ posterior chain engagement
  • Active shoulder/ scapular movement
  • Organization of the trunk/ maintaining position from pelvis to shoulder girdle.

You’re a “trainer” but not a dog trainer. We can’t just rely on tricks and treats forever. There are many benefits to coaching the science behind…well….our science.

  • Keeps long term clients engaged in the process.
  • Creates body and movement awareness.
  • Helps the client create programs for themselves.
  • Keeps the client more aware of unsafe mechanics in the real world setting.
  • Stimulates the clients brain and passion for learning.
  • Enhance dialogue and communication between the coach and client.


– Josh Gould

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