You know metabolism is important but what is it?

Metabolism…. it is what keeps you overweight or helps you lose fat. You know having a healthy metabolism is important but what is metabolism?

Most people think that metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories. Close, but not true. Metabolism includes the processess your body uses to convert or use energy.

Let me explain some more.  The systems or processes I speak of include, digestion, breathing, building muscle, circulation, storage of fat, etc. The systems you use every minute of every hour you are alive! See it’s power now?

Those processes are broken down into two distinct types; “anabolic” reactions and “catabolic” reactions. What are those?

Anabolic refers to the building of cellular structures and the storage of energy (think building or adding to the body).

Catabolic refers to the break down of molecules for energy. These molecules would include blood sugars, fat cells and even muscle.

Now you know!!!



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