You can eat hash browns for breakfast?

Sure you can eat hash browns for breakfast. I do almost everyday! This is a little secret of mine. Generally our two choices for breakfast carbs are toast or cereal/oatmeal. With my eggs I make hash browns. Hash Browns are victimized as being an unhealthy food. It’s reputation is created due to it’s unhealthy preparation. Typically hash browns are fried with lots of butter which makes them tasty and crispy. But hash browns are really just shaved potatoes. One cup of hash browns is about the same amount of carbs as a slice of toast or 1/3 cup of oatmeal. Instead of all the butter just fry the potatoes in some canola non-stick spray.  Season with sea salt and cracked pepper to preference. Enjoy them with some fried or scrambled eggs. This is how I make them in a healthy fashion-


What we need: small frying pan, non-stick spray (I recommend Canola Oil spray), frozen hash browns (I like Whole Foods 365 brand, Alexia, or Ora Ida)

  • Coat pan with non-stick spray, set burner to med-high.
  • Once pan is hot add frozen hash browns and press shaved potatoes against pan flat
  • *Add diced onions for some extra flavor
  • Once the bottom of the potatoes get crispy flip them like a pancake
  • Add sea salt for taste and to help the potatoes crisp
  • Remove when the hash browns reach your desired crispy-ness
  • Serve with fried or scrambled eggs.

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