X Marks the Spot!

Pirates have long used X to mark the spot of their treasure.  If you have fitness-related goals this year, you too should utilize X to keep track of what’s important to you by using X to mark the days you exercise.  Mark a calendar with a big X each day you complete a workout.  The X’s are a simple way to display a successful week or month of working out or indicate you need to step things up and get to the gym more often.

To get even more specific add in an ‘S’ if you completed strength training, a ‘C’ if you did some cardio, and an ‘F’ for flexibility if you remembered to stretch.  This way you can see what areas of fitness you are focusing on and which ones need some more attention.

Try keeping the calendar in your gym bag for easy access when you work out.  Or, post it at your desk so you will see your progress all month long.

Don’t stop at the end of February though, continue to mark for motivation all year long!

 -Alyson Cooper

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