Win with 21!

One great way to stimulate growth in your biceps is performing “21’s”.

21’s-  The number stands for the total amount of repetitions performed per set. When performing basically any curling motion (I prefer the preacher curl, pictured*) you will separate segments of the range of motion (bottom, top, and full range of motion).

How to do it:

For each range of motion you will perform 7 repetitions for a total of 21. With weight in hand and in the curling position only move the weight through the first half of the motion (curl half way up) for 7 reps.

Then, curl the weight for 7 reps from the top only going down half way.

After the 7th rep perform 7 more full repetitions (the full range of motion).

7 reps- bottom half of the curl

7 reps- top half of the curl

Rory O'Connor- Preacher Curl

7 reps- full range of motion

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