Why don’t I get the results like the people do on the infomercials?

Ever ask yourself why you don’t look like the men or women on the infomercials?  You’ve seen the results of participants who followed the P90x program, Kettle Worx, TRX, etc. How come you don’t look like them? They have the before and after pictures. It’s impressive to see people change.

Every guy standing there with his shirt off stating, “In just 90 days…..” or “my wife loves it.”

Women are elated that they are back into a size 4 and exclaim, “I can finally wear my ‘skinny jeans’ again!”

It’s all a home run for the company. There is no better testimonial than having a consumer there, abs ripped, holding up a picture of when they looked like a mini-van  in a flannel shirt just 3 months prior.

So, you ask, “how come I don’t look like that?”

Let’s break it down.

1. At the very end of the product’s commercial you will find that a “meal plan/ diet plan/ nutrition program” accompanies the “whatever” they are selling. I have always said, and still believe, that body composition is 70% diet. Hurts to hear doesn’t it? Those who are chosen to appear on the infomercials and give a testimonial most likely nailed (by nailed I mean followed it strictly) the diet program. Grind out P90X’s plyometric workout then order “P9″ at your local Chinese delivery and I’m not sure your infomercial-celebrity career will take off just yet.  Rule #1– If you are going to follow the plan, follow the plan! That includes a healthy diet.

2. The company just might take the easy way and hire a fitness model. I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercial for The Tower 200. Not sure? It’s the “you gotta door, you gotta gym” guy. Now you remember. Well, you see, the only 2 people you watch working out are an extremely ripped fitness model and a former mixed martial arts champion Randy Couture. The Tower 200 might be a good product but neither of those guys use it. One is on camera all day and relies on his body to make money and the other trains intensely for matches…again….to make money. Their body’s are their job. If your income was reliant on your fitness…..much like mine… you’d work a little harder at the gym.

3. You only see the best. Those picked to appear on the infomercials and give testimonials are the one’s that had the best results. Some people, for a variety of reasons, will progress faster than others. Some examples are if the person was sedentary prior to the program. That much exercise relative to what they were doing before will surely induce change. There is genetics of course. And there is the highly motivated; up coming wedding, reunion, 30th birthday, etc.

4. Incentives. I can’t say this is true for all products, out of fear that Randy Couture will hunt me down and bury my face into one of his meat hooks,  but many will advertise incentives for those willing to improve their bodies the most. You can typically find them on websites or in magazines. It may read something like….”Lipo 6 Body Transformation Challenge.” Send some pictures in, use their product, record you measurements, take home a prize. I’ve seen a supplement company give away $10,000!!!!

The idea is that for every 1,000 people who fail trying to get results you just need one to throw on a commercial.

Of course the easiest decision is to work with me….results will follow.

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