What you need to understand about cardio (part 2)


Hopefully yesterday’s post has shed some light on what CARDIO actually is. What we learned is that most of us are performing “aerobics” to burn calories but are not necessarily performing cardiorespitory (cardiovascular) exercise. Since most of you have goals of shedding fat let’s review two forms of CARDIO that will help you.

Anaerobic Cardio (lack of oxygen) vs. Aerobic Cardio (with oxygen)

Anaerobic Cardio in very, very simple terminology is cardiovascular strengthening when the work you’re performing is too much for your cardiovascular system to keep up with. Sprints are a great example. You can not sustain your max sprinting speed because your body can not supply your muscles with adequate oxygen to do so.  Make sense….?      Aerobic would be the opposite. Jogging for example is not stressful enough to your cardiovascular system for it not to be able to keep up with the work.  Your legs might get tired but that’s not due to your cardiovascular system. The same can be said for using the elliptical or bicycle at the gym.

Conventional thinking has lead us to always assume that aerobic cardio is superior for fat loss. The more I learn, talk with other professionals, and practice it myself, the more I believe it is not.

When we continuously  perform aerobic cardio our body’s nervous system may adjust to that type of stress and can alter the metabolism and fat burning pathways to make it harder to utilize fat during those sessions.  In short, it slowly becomes less effective. The body will have a much harder time adjusting to anaerobic training. It is also superior for its effect on boosting the metabolism. For the most part. The second you are done performing aerobic cardio its fat burning benefits are over. That is not true with anaerobic.

Here are some anaerobic cardio examples you can try:

-Pulling or pushing a heavy bag or sled


-Box jumps

– Kettlebell swings


-Boxing or kickboxing

Perform any of these listed and split them with rest intervals for a perfect anaerobic cardio workout. Design your own: keep your heart rate up, incorporate muscles all over the body, keep the intensity high combined with periods of rest.


For questions about these styles feel free to email me at [email protected]

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    I get it, but what is a burpee?