What type of client are you?

I work and have worked with a wide variety of personal training and nutrition clients. Over time I have been able to classify most of them which actually allows me to be a better personal trainer.

Enjoy the honesty, which one are you?

1. I bought a personal trainer now it’s all out of my hands so if I don’t get results it’s not my fault.- This is the toughest client to work with. We appreciate the business but we are here for guidance, direction, and motivation. The hard work is still the clients job. The hard work is what makes the body change. We can yell, push, coordinate as much as we want but it is up to the individual to work hard or hardly work. They want the changes bad enough to pay money but not bad enough to put in the work.

2. What the hell was I doing? I can’t believe I slid this much.- This is the person who didn’t see themselves as getting in worse shape. It was probably a picture, a recent picture, that was at a bad angle and really made the person look fat. You know the double chin pic that came out of no where? This client is usually in their late 20’s or 30’s. Their metabolism has slowed, they no longer play sports like they did in college, they got married and didn’t care to keep it together for the singles circuit any longer.

I like these clients because they are usually healthy, understand the fundamentals of exercises, they are coordinated and generally motivated to get back in shape.

3. My doctor sent me because I have ignored everything my body has told me and it took my doctor to make me realize I’m killing myself with obesity, high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. -There is one thing that makes this a good or bad trainee….the seriousness of which they take their doctors warnings. I’ve met some that don’t care. They feel fine but that’s because they have no idea what it feels like to be 100% healthy. Some would rather just treat symptoms with pills rather than prevent or reverse their health problems (this honestly makes me sick, these S.O.B’s are the reason health care is so expensive).

Those who do take it serious are wonderful and generally take every once of knowledge you give to them. As a trainer you need to take it as serious as them. In many ways their life is in your hands.

4. The wedding date is set.- God I love these clients, motivated as hell, it’s easy to drive someone when there is a deadline set and they want to look their best. I treat these trainees just like my clients who are prepping for a bodybuilding show, model shoot, or performance. They depend on you to make them look great but I like the pressure because I know that my methods work and they just need stay focused, which most do. After the wedding they are always grateful for your work and their are 100’s of photo’s to prove it.

5. House wife, hey I got time and the money, keep me hot as I age please.- Another good one for multiple reasons.

6.I generally want to improve my health and fitness.- The REAL reason anyone should hire a personal trainer. Please take care of these clients. This should be the reason you joined the field anyway.


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