Want to Lose Fat? Here is Your First Step!

I find that failed fat loss attempts may not be from a lack of effort but a lack of direction. Fed up with the way we look and feel, we are quick to start piling on activities that we think we need (i.e. extra cardio, purchasing workout equipment or some extreme diet). The root of the problem is never addressed.  We just pile on. Pile things on to an already busy American lifestyle an things will eventually fall apart leaving you disappointed once again.

In my Fat Loss programming it is important that we take what I call Self Inventory. Doing so can bring about more self accountability and tap in to the root of the problem in the first place. Often times we even strike an emotional connection to fat gain/ loss.

Self Inventory first…actions second. Here is a sample of questions in one of the Self Inventory program sections. Take the time to digest the questions, answer for yourself and dig a little deeper.

Mental Self Inventory:

1. WHY do you want to lose fat? (Be honest with yourself. I don’t want to hear, “well, I want to drop a couple pounds and feel better”. That’s not the truth is it? Is there a person in your life you’re doing it for? Favorite jeans you don’t fit into anymore? Maybe the way you look depresses you? The closer we get to identifying the REAL reason we want to lose fat, the better). . .

2. WHY hasn’t other fat loss efforts worked in the past? (Before pointing the finger at the product or service point the finger back at you. WHY did YOU not succeed with the program?)

3. We find that those who fail to reach goals in general only make a few mistakes BUT they REPEAT them. What are those mistakes? (My example: I never go food shopping until it’s too late then I find myself eating out until the next time I can go by fresh healthy food. I always seem to repeat it.)

– Josh Gould

Exercise Expertise, LLC ( Boston Personal Training )

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