Vegas baby…Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada a health nuts worst nightmare. It’s the land of mile long buffets, staying up all night, free drinks, poor decisions, and all those other health issues creeping and crawling around that place. (Gulp!) How would I survive?

I’m a personal trainer. I take this shit seriously. I got a workout in every morning. I went to a local grocery store to by fresh food and make meals myself, and went to bed at a reasonable time. With lots of discipline, I survived “the strip”.


Don’t tell me you bought that. Went to a grocery store and bought my own food???? The “6 meals a day plan” we are all encouraged to follow was reduced to two, a nice hangover relieving breakfast and a far too expensive dinner. The rest of my diet was filled with bucket after bucket of Bud Lights at the Hard Rock pool. I’m not even positive I ever actually slept. I did go to the fitness center once……to shave and I was pretty impressed with myself for that.

I love fitness but I’m not obsessed with it. Ladies and gentleman, it’s VACATION! My clients ask what they should eat when they are on vacation. My answer…….whatever they want. We are human beings. Often times food defines a good vacation. Enjoy the fine dining, the local cuisine, the tastes of the town. You’ll be back, so enjoy it.

It does makeĀ it even more important to take care of business when you are home. I felt I earned my pathetic diet and sleep schedule and lack of doing anything remotely productive in Vegas. I also know that I’ll be back, ready to hit the weights and to eat healthy again. It’s a balance.

After months of training my muscles and joints tell me it’s time to take a vacation. After over indulging in the sins of Las Vegas my body was telling me to go back home. I’m not sure exactly when it told me to. It may have been when I was sitting alone with the black jack dealer at 7:30am. It may have been when the $64 steak at N9ne nearly put me in a coma while seated at a table between Barry Bonds’s table and Floyd Mayweather’s private party section. It certainly happened when I fell asleep on the floor of the Southwest gate in the Las Vegas airport.

I need a vacation!


ps- Barry Bond’s head shrunk since he got off the juice but he still has a rather large mellon.

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