Updates for Week 4!

4 Weeks to go!

My weight has stuck at 190lbs. To me, that’s great news. My goal is to lose fat, which I have by keeping a close eye on it. The higher my weight stays the better to be honest. One reason for the weight staying up is the re-introduction of a creatine supplement. Creatine helps store water in your muscles (a good thing). Water is very heavy and is probably adding between 2-6lbs of water weight to my body.

I’ll really be turning up the heat for the last month.

Cardio- 6 mornings per week of 40 minutes of intervals.

Diet- My dietary fat will stay very low, like it has the whole time. Last week I would carbohydrate cycel by eating only 100 grams for 2 days then a high carb day of 200 grams. This week I will go 3 days of 100 grams then a high carb day of 200 grams.

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