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This strange day ends with a bittersweet feeling. Today is the second-to-last day of my current job and training location. I am leaving my downtown location to explore other opportunities. “Explore other opportunities” may be an over-used phrase but I can’t think of a better word than “explore” to describe what is next for me. Before we make life changing decisions such as changing our job we must first realize that it is not life changing, in fact. I’m not changing my life, I’ve just made a career move. My morals and ethics are set in stone, I always have my family, and friends’ support. My foundation is intact. Now that change feels much less daunting, fear resides, excitement heightens.

We never know how we will feel until we make the decision to leave a job for another. Our emotions can run high in one direction or the other but until we pull the trigger we never actually know what it will feel like. We just need to use all the information we have at hand and when decision time comes we should support it un-apologetically. As a young adult, through my experiences and relationships with professionals, those who had the courage to make a change were the rewarded.

I am fortunate to have an undying faith in myself. I never wonder if I’ll win or lose out, if I’ll succeed or fail. More importantly I have confidence in myself to succeed in whatever I do without regret. With unshakable self-efficacy, you’ll realize that the bottom is only so low and if you do happen to be there you’ll pick yourself up and keep going. Realize that you need to be your number one supporter. If you’re not, who will be? When ascending through my career I’ve run into as many people who would like to see me fail as those who would like to see me succeed.

After tomorrow my “rookie contract”, I guess you could say, is over. Time stops for no one and my next chapter begins…….turn the page.


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