Training Specificity

Intensity Principle- Training Specificity

Training Specificity, in simple terms, is training tailored for a specific goal in mind.

Training should be geared and tailored to the goal you are attempting to reach. Swimmers should swim, runners should run, etc.

It is important to style your training specifically for an outcome by educating yourself on methods which will help you reach it.


A baseball player would perform rotator cuff exercises for throwing, sprints and squats for running bases, and transverse abdominal movements for batting.

A powerlifter would not spend time running on the treadmill as it might reduce their weight.

 The majority of a snowboarder’s exercises would be for the lower extremity and core.

To look at things in reverse, due to training specificity, we are better at the specific things that we train for, or with. If our program consists of pull-ups but not as much leg work then a person who devotes more time to squats will naturally be better at them and less effective at performing pull-ups.

Training Specificity will help us improve our fitness in specific movements that we are attempting to improve. This can save us time and improve our performance in regards to reaching goals, playing sports, etc.

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