Top 5 Habits that will get you in shape

Often I feel that giving tips and tricks on fitness and nutrition is not the best way to help those wanting to get in shape. I say that because even if we are well educated in the ways of fitness and nutrition it doesn’t mean sh*t if we don’t apply it.

I find that people’s habits and characteristics are far more important. A person with certain habits is much more likely to stay in shape whether they know a whole lot about the subject or not.

Here are the Top 5 habits you should form to get in shape:

5. Be Organized. If you are organized you are less stressful and a better planner. With everything accounted for it is easier for you to find time for health and wellness, like making trips to the gym or grocery.

4. Rise early. The early bird gets the warm…..and gets to the gym. With all the social fun that follows a day of work you have less time and more excuses to skip a workout. I think by now we all understand the importance of breakfast also. Not having time to eat breakfast is the worst excuse I hear. Stop being lazy and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier or make you breakfast at night.

3. Routine. Being routine might sound boring but in our environment being routine is essential. Progress with exercising requires consistency. For you to be consistent exercising needs to find a spot in that routine. Working out “when you have the time” will get you no where.

2. Hygienic/ clean. Those who are habitual shower-ers, teeth brushers, shampoo-ers, etc I find to be more in-tuned with their body. Staying clean is also a healthy habit. Not to sound weird but spending time naked in the shower is the best way to keep an eye on our progress in the gym. The mirror and our eyes don’t lie and if you’re not content with what you see you’ll be more likely to stay in shape. Avoiding how we look will do the opposite: out of sight, out of mind.

1. Cooking. If you cook (good or bad) you will always have a leg-up on those who don’t. When you know what you are putting in your stomach over the guess work of eating out you will be healthier and stay in better shape.  #1 Learn how to cook!

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  • Mary McManus

    Elegantly simple and makes so much good sense Josh! So excited that you are going to be joining us on The Jordan Rich Show.

  • jgould

    Thank you Mary! Very pumped to be on the show with you guys.