Top 5 Changes I’d Make in the Gym

I’m actually speaking about equipment here. These are the changes that I would make in all fitness centers in America to improve them for the better.

5. Throw out most of the machines! We need room. Machines are expensive, take up the most room, and are less effective than free weight exercises. So, give me my room to make things safer when performing squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings and all other free weight or bodyweight movements.

4. Add a Certified Personal Trainer as a “Training Consultant”. CPT’s would be hired to work shifts on the floor or at a training station. Just like signing up for a group fitness class you would sign-up for appointment time (30 min max) to ask the trainer questions and practice exercises. The gym would pay for the trainer and there would be no cost to the gym member. Lack of exercise education would be lessened and the result would be more effective and safer workouts for more members. This would also raise utilization of the more technical, yet effective, equipment and techniques.

3. Destroy the “inny” and “outy” machines. The seated abductor and adductor machines are the most requested machines in the gym. Unfortunately they are the most dangerous. Abducting the thighs in the seated, hip flexed, position is harmful to the hips, pelvis and tailbone. Women like to use them because they figure it will make their thighs slimmer and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

2. Soda machines, why do all gyms have soda machines? Maybe they are trying to keep themselves in business? If that’s the case I applaud them for their business savvy. Coke brands also own Gatorade and Muscle Milk, let’s hope some gyms make some changes with their distributors.

1. Two Elliptical machines. I’d allow 2 and only 2 Elliptical machines and they would be there for the people who NEED them, those protecting knees from impact (seniors) and those rehabbing lower body injuries. I’d replace the rest with Stepmill. If  members put the same amount of time on the Stepmill as they did on Ellipticals I would have the leanest gym in America. You came to do cardio right? Well do cardio then.

My dream gym. Less machines, more room, more educated staff helping people, smaller thighs, and more sweat, perfecto!

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