Tips for Trainers: Update your Business Card info

Business cards are a useful tool to for sharing your personal or business¬†information. Will they eventually be replaced by electronic business cards by “bumping” our smart phones? Probably. But, until everyone has that technology good ole’ paper business cards are the way to go. There is a way to bridge-the-gap between information on our traditional business cards and our information shared electronically and that is in the form of including our virtual information on our cards.

Take a look at your business card. Does it have your tweeter tag? Does it let the person know they can find out more on your facebook page or LinkedIn profile? If it doesn’t it’s time to order new cards. It keeps the interaction alive without the¬†possible client, consumer, employer, etc from committing any more time or attention. Following someone on twitter or viewing their facebook page is a casual way they can collect more information about you and they can do it in the comfort of their home at their leisure.

Including a phone number or address is great but how often do you get calls out of the blue from someone who received your business card? Including your company’s location is important but have you ever received a letter in the mail asking you if you have any training specials this month? Plus, this is information that can be found in your online profiles anyway.

Now that John Q. Weakling has your business card he now follows you on twitter and joined your facebook page instead of it getting lost in the pile of business cards on his desk (just like the one next to me now).¬† John might not need your services now by in a few months he might and he now has your tweets and updates rolling across his screen each day reminding him that you’re there.

-Josh @ExExbyJG


Okay don’t take it this seriously!!


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