Tip of the day…

Find your heels.

Ladies I don’t mean going into the closet and  grabbing your 5 inch high heels, although I’m not against that. When performing exercises such as lunges, squats, and leg presses be sure to “find your heels”. These pressing motions of the lower body should be performed by pressing through the heels. The next time you perform lunges, squats or leg presses slow down your movement, find your heel with your mind before you press. Feel the heel against the floor or leg press pad. Pressing through your heels will not only make your pressing motions stronger but you’ll save your knees. When the resistance travels through the bones of the legs instead of the front of the knee, thus stressing the tendons and ligaments of the joints, you’ll add muscle to your legs and glutes and add years of life to your knees.

Slow down, feel out your heel, press.


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