Tip of the day…

Improve your cardiovascular endurance by lifting weights.

This month’s Men’s Health magazine claims that working with weights will increase your cardio endurance.

“Bulking up does more than just turn heads: Resistance training improves cardio endurance. In a 12-Week Norwegian study, cross-country skiers who lifted weights and did cardio were better at fighting off fatigue than the skiers who did only cardio. “

The study’s author Thomas Losnegard Ph.D explains that the increased upper-body mass aids in blood flow to the working muscles thus making oxygen move with more efficiency.

-My take:Clients of mine who are die-hard daily runners have always reported positive feedback in regards to weight training programs that I give them. Be careful not to over train the muscles (especially the legs if you are a runner), but 2-3 sets of 2-3 compound leg exercises  with moderate intensity once a week will help you climb hills and change speed with less effort thus making your run less taxing. -Josh

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