Tip of the day…

Check your servings. If you are following a strict diet it is important to take note of the changes to serving sizes¬†during a food’s preparation.

Rice is a great example. Make sure that your desired serving is described as cooked or uncooked. Many times a serving of rice is listed as uncooked. Well, rice doubles in size when it is cooked. When the box calls for 1/2 cup of uncooked rice the serving is actually 1 cup after it is steamed. (mmmm more rice!) Or it’s the opposite. If it calls for 1 cup “cooked”, remember to only but 1/2 cup in your steamer, pot, etc.

The opposite happens to meat. Proteins such as fish, chicken, and red meat shrink¬† or reduce in weight when they are cooked. If you’re diet calls for 4 ounces of chicken (cooked) but you weigh it before cooking your chicken will weigh close to 3 ounces. *Different types of meat reduce in weight differently.

Measure twice, cut (calories) once…


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