This Week’s Challenge: Timed Plank/ Jumping- Jacks Combo



This week I’ve hit my client’s with a Plank Challenge towards the end of their workouts. The Challenge is very simple but not very easy. Here is a quick breakdown.

Grab a timer and put 3 minutes (beginner), 5 minutes (fit), 7 minutes (athlete),  OR 10 minutes (stud!) on a stop watch.

Start the clock and hit your plank position. Hold the plank in good form for as long as you can. Stop the clock once you can’t hold any longer.

Take the time left on the clock and count the remaining seconds as reps. Perform the remaining reps (seconds) as jumping-jacks. SO, if I started at 5 minutes and held a 2 minute plank (5 min – 2 min = 3 min = 180 seconds/ reps), I perform 180 jumping jacks.

Once I am done with the jumping jacks I must immediately go back into the plank position and start the master clock again, starting where I left off.

Continue going back and fourth until the master clock has hit zero during your plank. Now you’re done.



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