The Year in Review: my most helpful articles

This is my 301st post! Geez, that’s a lot of writing. Often grammatically awful, but hey, that’s a shit load of writing. Some of it you didn’t bother reading, other stuff you loved. The mission was always the same; give a different perspective on diet and fitness, mix in some humor and infuse it with some personality.  Take what you want from my posts. In the end I’m just trying to help everyone.

Over the next week as we gear up for the New Year I’ll keep adding my favorites….

My top 5 Strength Building Exercises

Muscle Mistakes 1 & 2

Some more….

How do I get rid of under arm fat?

The Math behind losing fat…

How do I get “toned”?

Do higher repetitions burn more calories?

Funniest Articles of the Year

Don’t drink while working out

Dieting on the weekends

Putting fat loss into perspective

Top 5 Fat Loss Mistakes

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