The Whey to go?

When it was time to write this article I had to think back about what I was asked about this week. I realized that the question I am asked the most is, “What are you drinking?”. In most cases I was drinking a whey protein shake. Why was I drinking it? Protein shakes allow me to consume high amounts of easily digestible protein to either;

  • repair muscle
  • sustain muscle
  • or replace a meal

What is whey? Whey is a protein taken from various sources and broken down into a powder. The powder is whey’s easiest digestible and sustainable form. We want our protein to be digested quickly because after a hard workout the muscle is starving for protein to rebuild itself bigger and stronger.

Here are the benefits of Whey Protein;

  • Easy absorption into blood
  • Cheap source of protein
  • Convenient
  • High quality protein source

Ask me if you should be using whey protein.

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