The Sources resources!

I rounded up all the resources that I use to help me personal train and workout myself. Check them out.

The best magazines;

Men’s Health, Women’s Health – for general health info

Muscular Development– for bodybuilding

Shape– Sucks! Don’t buy it ladies, I’m shocked of the information they feed you.

Recipes/Cooking Great meals for men and women.

Supplements Cheap and ships very fast, always reliable. Much cheaper than GNC with a larger selection.

Diet tracking/ nutritional information Very easy to use and start a diet journal. I get a lot of great feedback from clients.

Detailed Exercise Programs (requires membership)

www.ptonthenet.comThis is what the pro’s use. Encyclopedia’s worth of exercises and programs for all fitness levels and populations.

Inspiration/fitness community Great way to join a community of others trying to improve their health. Lots of ways to track progress and talk with others. The “myspace of fitness enthusiasts”.

Tracking Runs/Walks for distance Ever wonder how far you just ran? This site is awesome.

Massage Therapy Massage therapy has fixed every health issue I’ve ever had! I send any of my clients reporting pain here and they have all come back pain free.

Healthy Food Delivery This is an alternative for those who can afford it.

Physical Therapy Advice This is a great blog with loads of information on injuries and therapy. Mike is very knowledgeable.

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