The Simple Switch for Fat Loss- Take the 1 Day Challenge

Let me give you a simple and proven way to lose fat (notice I said simple, not easy). We just need a simple switch in your diet without cutting a single calorie!

1 Day Challenge:

1. Starting first thing in the morning record everything you eat or drink using a program like MyFitnessPal or writing it down in a notebook.

2. Take note of your carbohydrates on the nutrition label: Below “Carbohydrates” there will be grams of sugar and/or grams of fiber.

3. Record how many grams of Total Carbohydrates, Fiber, and Sugar you have for that day. (We are assuming this is a typical day)

4. At the end of the day take a look at how the 3 stack up.

5. Do you have more than twice as many grams of sugar than fiber? & Does the majority of your carboydrates come from sugar?


Fix it: Lose body fat by switching sugars with fiber. So, if on your 1 day journal you had 70 grams of sugar and 10 grams of fiber start to replace those sugary food sources with more fiberous ones. It takes practice but continue dropping 10 grams of sugar each day and replacing it with 5-10 grams of fiber from whole food sources high in fiber. Keep adjusting until you have half as many grams as fiber as you do sugar each day (i. e. Fiber 25g, Sugar 40g). Enjoy feeling fuller all day and your speedy fat loss.

Foods High in Fiber

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