The Resolutionary War

I call it the Resolutionary War. It is the flooding of gyms with new and returning members. It will last from the first Monday after New Year’s Eve until mid-February, give or take a couple weeks. I could set my clock by it. The Resolutionary War is a guarantee like the sun’s rise or the next tide rolling in.

For a fitness professional it brings a bitter sweet feeling. It’s nice to see so many motivated to improve their health and join in on the exercising. The fitness industry also relies on these “resolutionists” to survive. Increased memberships are needed to supply the income for the very high costs of running a fitness center. They also rely on members who stop utilizing the gym after a few months. If every paying member actually used their gym the gym would fall to pieces. Treadmills, machines, ellipticals could never withstand the use.

To take full advantage of this membership consultants need new members to pay sign-up fees and start an automatic payment program where a credit card is charged every month with membership dues.  Out of sight, out of mind. Not to mention difficult cancellation processes. In fact, for most public and private gyms, the majority of members are “non-users”. Bad news for them, good news for avid gym-goers (they keep membership costs down).

On days like today I love to see everyone so amped for exercise and the increase in digits to my checking account soon to follow, but I do feel bad for the everyday gym warrior. Now they might see their favorite Stepmill taken at their usual time and their workout take twice as long .


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