The most important thing you need to know about working out

I have high expectations of this article. I want it to be the best one I’ve posted. The challenge is to see if I can put into words what I often fall short of explaining with my mouth in the first place. This is what I want everyone to understand, but can I explain good enough? I guess we’ll find out. (warning: this will be long)

Many of us enter the gym to CHANGE the body. We workout in hopes to build muscle, drop body fat, become stronger, improve balance, strengthen endurance, etc. The problem is is that we expect the body to change as long as we go to the gym. For example. . . . .the majority of the people at a gym want to lose weight and way to many of us hop on the elliptical for our 45 minutes. We count down the time every so often as we fold our magazine to check the timer. “Hey, I went to the gym right? I should lose weight”. . . . But, it doesn’t work like that. Our body does make minor adaptations and that workout is perfect for someone trying to maintain their fitness but if you expect the body to CHANGE. . . . it won’t. Why would it? What benefit would it have for changing? It got through your 45 minute elliptical workout without hardly breaking a sweat. So what is the body going to adapt to? Comfortably moving while reading Sports Illustrated or US Weekly?

You want the body to CHANGE. Stop asking it to change and make it CHANGE. The body does not like to change. Body fat or example is the body’s wealth of energy. In some regards, it loves bodyfat. It’s warm in the winter, protects our organs, and supplies us with energy if we need it. The body hasn’t realized that we never go through periods of fasting anymore. We no longer hunt for food and have to wait for a kill. We no longer have to wait for crops to grow. We no longer need to store much fat.

Let’s get closer to the point. Again, to get the body to change we must force it to CHANGE, not just expect it to change. We must train in a manner that ellicits a response from the body. That response induces change. We need to train in a manner to stimulate the body adequately enough for adaptation. The body changes through adaptation to the training. Did all that make sense? Training comfortably will not ellicit that response! We need to apply stress to the body when we train, make it uncomfortable. Give the body a reason to change……and it will.

If you are performing cardio and you don’t feel like you’re working that hard and you feel like you’re just killing time… are. Well, wasting time actually.  Work harder, get uncomfortable, force the body to adapt to the training.

The same goes for weight lifting. If you lift the same amount of weight or train with the same intensity why would your muscles grow or become stronger? Make them change. Lift in a way that ellicits a response and they will grow. Force the body to adapt.

This is the reason why my training and the way I train others works. Because I make sure we train in a manner that ellicits the bodies response to CHANGE. We don’t expect it to change, we make it change. Some trainers simply take you through the motions and exercises but it is how you perform those exercises that will produce changes. My training style is simple, no fancy gimmick-y workouts. The basics with perfect application will always get the job done.  It’s not the “what”. . . . it’s the “how”.

We spend the same amount of time in the gym whether we work hard or not. Why not work hard? We got to the gym, we found time, what other excuse is in our way. Do your work and the body will repay you.


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  • Zack

    Cool knowledge! I have been searching for something like this for a time these days. With thanks!