The More I Learn the Less I Know

The more I learn the less I know, or at least it feels like it. When working with something as complicated, infinite, challenging and miraculous as the human body some days you feel defeated. I will give myself credit for ¬†pouring a good amount of time (and money) into continuing education exploring the human body and its movement. Every time I step away from a book, conference, seminar or class I have uncovered a new layer…and another…and another…and another.

It never ends which is both fascinating and frustrating. As a new trainer you learn exercises. Exercises turn into muscles. You know that pull-ups train your lats, etc. Then you learn movement; adduction, flexion, rotation, eversion, etc. Lump that in with biomechanics, physiology, and energy systems. Pile on subsystems, meridians, chains, patterning, breathing, etc. Put that all in attractive packaging and deliver it all while navigating the emotions of your clients. You cycle through moments of triumph with thoughts of feeling lost.

I guess if you can’t admit ¬†you are a better trainer now than you were 6 months ago you either suck or are a liar. Keep pushing.

-Josh Gould ( Boston Personal Trainer )

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