The Math Behind Losing Fat

“I’ve been exercising for three weeks now, but I can’t lose weight. Please help!”

How Does It All Add Up?

The recommended Daily Intake of Calories is 2,000.(many factors change this but we will use it as an example)

3,500 calories = 1 pound of body fat

Let’s say that your recommended daily caloric intake is 2,000 calories, but you consume 2,250 calories everyday. That adds up to be an extra 250 calories everyday.

(2,000cals + 250cals = 2,250 total cals)

At the end of the week you’ve consumed 1,750 extra calories (almost a whole days worth of calories).

(7 days x 250 extra cals per day = 1,750 extra calories per week)

That means every two weeks you gain 1 pound of fat!

(2 weeks x 1,750 extra calories = 1 lb of fat!)

What Can I Do Differently To See Results?

1. Slightly decrease your intake by eating 250 calories less a day. This can be done by cutting out one item a day such as a soda, ½ cookie, handful of chips, mayo on your sandwich, or substituting more healthy options such as skim milk in your coffee instead of half & half or using olive oil instead of butter when cooking.

2. Increase your output to burn an extra 250 calories a day (about 30 minutes worth of exercise). Not only does exercise burn calories while you’re doing it, but sticking with it is what will help keep you in shape in the long run. Did you know that for every pound of muscle you put on, you burn an extra 50 calories? The human body requires energy to sustain muscle tissue, so as you get in shape it’s easier to stay that way! Exercise for 30-45 minutes to burn 250 calories or… clean the house for an hour, walk when golfing instead of using a cart, take the stairs at work/home, park further away from the front door, get off the subway one stop early and walk. Just get moving!


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