The first step in changing. . .

I recommend that your initial step to better your health, exercise or diet is not to decide what you SHOULD do but rather what you are WILLING to do. First things first. What actions are you willing to do on day one. What changes can you make without too much fuss. You will have results by those first initial changes and once the ball is rolling it will be easier for you to make changes that may take more commitment and effort. Those who attempt to go 0-60mph often run out of gas before any permanent changes have resulted.

Write down what you are WILLING to change….like, right now……. willing to change. Things that are actionable at this moment. Be specific and make them measurable. Give them values. Instead of saying, “I will run more”, try “I will run 3x per week instead of 2″.

Not sure what you could change? Here is a list of what my clients are WILLING to do when asked this week.

I will only take stairs at work

I will perform 3 days of cardio instead of 2

I will not eat after 8:30pm

I will get a massage once per month

I will look forward to leg day

I will take up a hobby

I will make a point to eat a balanced breakfast everyday

I will stop grazing and eating at work when I am bored

I will not but diet or exercise off for another day

I will only go to the grocery store on weekends

I will only eat prepared snacks at work

I will limit myself to one coffee per day

I will not include cheese in my eggs or sandwiches

I will include protein in all my meals

I will not stop short or make cardio easier during my workout

I will perform 30 mins of cardio 5x per week

I will eat the Slow Carb Diet for 1 month

I will give up beer for 1 month

I will eat 4-5 small meals per day, no binge eating, no soda

I will run 5 miles per week

I will reduce my sugar in take by 75%

I will kick the shit out of my trainer at the end of the summer

I will avoid drinks with aspartame, because it’s disgusting for you

I will go to yoga class at least once per week

I will promise not use the elliptical

I will not snack after 9pm

I will limit potato chips to one 8oz bag of Ruffles Original per week

I will eliminate olives from martinis

I will no longer put cream in my coffee

I will go to ballet class twice per week

I will limit alcohol to weekends only

What will you do?



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  • Donna

    I decided to cut out things that I really could do.
    1. No cheese or chips during the week
    2.2 more glasses of water per day
    3.drink the protein drink after my workouts
    4.add 5 more minutes to my exercise time per day, this week, then 10 next week,and so on.
    5.pack a healthy lunch, and eat only what I brought
    6. Thank my son for caring