The FAT Personal Trainer…what gives?

Oh no he didn’t!!!  Oh, yes I am. Let’s break this baby open and discuss. I know you’ve seen it and it crosses my mind too so let’s put it on the table for debate. A fat personal trainer. Fairly common, right? Seems like every gym has that one fat trainer, doesn’t it? Why, what gives you ask?

For those who are reading this with less than stellar genetics and are extremely active you know exactly why….or how a personal trainer can be fat. You know that sometimes no matter how much exercise or activity you perform your genetics have shaped you like a teddy bear for eternity. Personal Trainers are no exception. I personally know marathoners and ultra-marathoners who are “overweight”. That brings me to my next point.

These “fat” trainers are still in amazing shape. Incredibly strong and athletic. Don’t be dumb enough to challenge a fat trainer because after all there job revolves around exercising all day. Body composition can have very little to do with athletic performance or fitness. With that being said we are “fitness” professionals, not body composition professionals.

I have also said more than enough times on this site that your diet far outweighs exercise in regards to losing fat. 80% diet / 20% exercise, easily. So these chunky trainers may also be fighting the sweet tooth when they go home. So, be more concerned with an overweight nutritionist or dietitian.

Does being overweight make them less of a personal trainer? No, it actually makes them MORE of a personal trainer!……Get it…..see what I did there? Honestly a trainer should be hired for their education, experience and ability to put it into practice and teach you.

But, but Josh why would I want to hire a personal trainer if they’re fat? Hey, I get it. I understand. Lead by example, of course. I certainly put my winter warmth on come December. Hell, I’m a chicken wings and pizza type of guy too. Do you think I’m drinking soy milk tailgating during a Patriots playoff game? I’m a human being like you. Would you really want to listen to someone who’s never had to worry about their weight in their life though either? What can they teach you?

However……PT’s need to keep it together! Look like a Personal Trainer. I might not look like Mario Lopez 365 but once I hear the pools opening in Vegas and it’s almost time to make my annual pilgrimage to The Strip it’s all hands on deck. Time to use all our knowledge and practice it with admirable discipline. I’m going to be the best looking guy at the Hard Rock pool without a tribal tattoo and the douche bag entitlement that comes along with being “jacked”.

As inappropriate as it might seem I tell students and interns that their look will be a major factor in being hired and obtaining clients. I have to keep it real with them. Look like what people want to look like and you’ll do great in this business.

What do you think?


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