The diet that drops the most weight

A few weeks ago on my way home from work I was presented with ironic, ignorant, and idiotic situation. As I got off the “T” (subway car here in Boston). I saw a large woman in the face of a smaller woman from a distance, as if she was arguing. Then I saw some surrounding women head over to the situation. It just looked so odd that I knew something wasn’t right. I took my head phones out and ran back across the Comm. Ave once I noticed that they were holding a woman up, not getting in her face. As I get closer I realize that the young woman can’t stand up and she is “out of it”. In these situations I feel responsible to help having a health background and being AED/CPR/ first aid certified. I make make my way around everyone and up to the young woman.

Breathing, yup.

Heart rate, fast but nothing crazy.

Speech test, she can mumble but has a hard time answering my questions.

Pale skin, purple lips, doesn’t like opening her eyes. As another woman runs to get water and another calls 911 I ask the young woman some questions.

” Do you take any medication?”

“Are you a diabetic, hypo/hyper-glycemic?”

“have you eaten anything today?”….no (now I’m getting some where) It was 3:30pm*

It was obvious to me that the young lady was exhausted, had low blood sugar, and was dehydrated…all things that will surely make you faint. Trying to calm her down I tell her it’s nothing serious and you’ll get some fluids at the hospital and feel 100 times better. As I continue to ask her questions to collect information for the paramedics she finally confesses to me……”I’m on a new diet”!!!!

I almost had to stop myself from snickering. The irony that this poor chick admits that to me, a nutrition consultant. I explain a bit to her of what’s happening as she gets loaded in the ambulance. She really did find the diet that dropped the most weight, all of hers, outside on a subway platform, in front of strangers.

Be careful out there everyone and use common sense. You can diet effectively, very effectively without any type of extreme dieting measures. The woman is lucky she didn’t hit her head or fall down in front of the “T”.


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  • Heather

    What a great thing you did. Common sense is something that you have to use when starting a diet. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. I can remember back to high school, what some girls would do to drop weight quickly. Scary stuff. The education on what could happen needs to start much younger then high school.

  • Alie

    Good article, Josh. That’s really scary!

  • jgould

    Thanks ladies. Heather, soon I will post an article on what I believe should be taught in high school or middle school “health” class.