The Diet Journey Begins!

Hey everyone! I included this page for members to see my progress first hand as I end my “bulking phase” and enter my “cutting phase” .

Follow me for the next 11 weeks as I diet and exercise to reach my lean summer body! See what I eat, how I train, and what I look like as I lose my body fat. Check in everyday to see my progress as I will be posting daily.

Why am I doing this?

I think it is important for a fitness expert to not just talk the talk but walk the walk! By bringing you along with me IĀ  attempt to show true transparency and integrity in my training and diet methods. Ones that you can duplicate with my help.

I don’t see many trainers putting it all on the line like I am!

Check it out!

-Josh GouldĀ  BS ACSM-CPT

*This diet and exercise program is not for everyone and is not recommended to everyone. This is simply an example of what I do. Please train and diet safe!

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