The Cheese should stand alone

For two weeks I want you to cut the cheese. Nooooo not what you’re thinking! I mean cut out the cheese from your diet. This is an extremely simple diet strategy that I find useful to jump start weight loss efforts.

Cheese is considered a dairy product and is very much like milk, yogurt, butter and cream. They all contain similar ingredients starting with dairy fat. Fat, as you may know, is very calorie dense. A slice of cheese is easily over 100 calories. There is no problem eating cheese in moderation but restaurants, fast food, and packaged food make eating “just a little” a tough task. Athony Bourdain a former NYC chef and now host of his own show on the Travel Channel believes that cheese is the most over used ingredient. Cheese has made its way into breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks from omelets to cheese cake.  Cheese makes relatively health eggs or cold cut sandwich into a fat packed meal. Refraining from cheese will show you how much cheese we actually eat. So consider this…..avoid eating ANY cheese for two weeks and let me know how it goes.


Above I mentioned my thoughts on cheese in our daily diet. Allow me to elaborate a little more on why dairy might be keeping us fat.

Fat is what makes cheese taste so good. That fat is also very important to help the body develop especially when we are in our first years (think breast feeding). Naturally our mothers don’t have the capacity to feed us with milk for very long. We should consider that it is for good reason. We just may not need those nutrients after certain stages of development. The only reason we still ingest such dairy fat is because of it’s taste but now we must harvest it from other animals, typically a cow. That doesn’t seem overly natural to me!?  As far as we know no species requires the milk of another species. I am not attacking milk because it is rather vital to the body’s development, especially bone. However, bone development is completed once the body is fully matured (post puberty). My point is that we should be always thinking about why we eat things and they’re function to us. Food is our fuel not just a flavor.

In health,

Josh Gould

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