The Birthday Workout

This workout has become notorious, infamous, and feared. It’s extremely simple and effective. Give it a shot the next time you’re at the gym. Happy birthday.

Step 1: Take the year you are born (example- mine is 1984)

Step 2: 84 is now the number of repetitions (reps) I will perform per exercise. The younger you are the more repetitions you must perform. If you were born in 1971 you will only perform 71 repetitions per exercise.

Step 3: You may choose your own order in which to perform the listed exercises but you can not move on to another exercise until you have performed all the reps designated by your birth year.


  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups (assisted pull-up machine may be used)
  • Walking lunges (bodyweight)
  • Squats (bodyweight)
  • Curls (dumbbells or resistance band)
  • Shoulder presses (dumbbells)
  • Sit-ups
  • Lying Hamstring curls
  • Jumping jacks
  • Plank (in seconds)

Step 4: Complete the given exercise in the fewest sets as possible. (For example: Walking lunges- My first set I perform 30 reps (54 to go), second set I pump out 20 reps (34 to go), third set I perform 14 reps (20 to go), fourth set I do 12 reps, and I finish on my fifth set with the last 8 reps and I have done all 84 reps in only 5 sets. Do not save energy and strategicaly perform 10 reps on each set until you reach your number (you’d be missing the effectiveness of the workout). The idea is to do as many as you can on each set. Some exercises you may be able to finish without breaking.

Step 5: Complete all 10 exercises!

Step 6: Do not eat birthday cake.

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