The best part about working out

There is one thing that I find which separates working out from everything else in life. It is the reason why I love training and the exact same reason people hate training.

You get out of it, exactly, what you put into it.

How many things in life can you say that’s true about. At your job if you work harder do you necessarily get paid more? NO. For those in college do you ever feel like sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try it doesn’t always correlate to receiving good grades. I remember studying my ass off for a test and getting a shitty grade and other tests I didn’t study for and ace-d them.

People hate it because there is no short cut, no instant grattification. It’s become the American way. There is no pill for exercise.

I’m glad it takes so long to get in shape. Makes me proud of the dues I’ve paid. I wear my body like a badge of honor. I didn’t buy it. I put the time in and I get rewarded with health, aesthetics, fitness, and a strong will.

When we workout, we get out of it what we put into it. I know sometimes you feel like you’re getting no where but you just might not notice the changes or you really aren’t trying that hard. But in the least, it’s one on one. You are there to do battle by yourself, no team, everything comes down to you. You lift heavy…muscles get stronger. You run harder…you get faster. You bust your ass in spin class… burn more calories. Nothing slips by the body. Every cookie you sneak in counts and every rep of every set counts. That’s why I love it and I’m not alone.

Earn it,


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