The 5 Mistakes that ruin your Resolution

Millions of Americans will once again take a swing at achieving their resolution. Millions of Americans will fail. Just take a look at your resolution from last year. These are the top 5 mistakes that will keep this year from being “the year…”.

1. Your Resolution is a “want” not a re(solution). Solutions have plans, “wants” are “wants”. Create a solution and get what you want.

2. You plan to do more but never STOP doing what keeps you from your goal. Repeated mistakes will keep you from reaching your goals so before vowing to take more action think about what mistakes you make in the first place.

3. The diet you started today should have started last night. If you don’t know what your next meal is you’re making a mistake.

4. Thinking this year you’ll magically have the willpower. Just because the calender changed doesn’t mean the person who has got out of bed for your entire life will magically be different.

5. Plans succeed, willpower fails. Life is tricky and beats down our willpower , so don’t rely on it. Stick to your plan, you have a plan….right?


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