The 3 Best things to avoid to lose fat

Not necessarily foods but ingredients. Forget your low carb diets, your low fat diets or your low calorie diets. Remove these three from your diet and lose significant amounts of fat…..Period.

Rid yourself of these metabolic poisons:

  • Partially Hyrdrogenated Oil – commonly found in deep fry oil, baked goods, and oil/butter substitutes


  • Enriched flour– commonly found in breads, pastas, baked goods, pizza,etc.


  • High-fructose corn syrup– commonly found in sweetened drinks (soda), cereal, breads, soups, condiments, etc.

Obviously I did not give full explanations here for simplicity’s sake. It comes as no surprise that the three foods I find the most damaging to metabolism are all artificially made substitutes for the real things. Check the ingredients on the foods that you eat and be sure to avoid these three. It will not be an easy task but creating a healthy diet takes practice. Remove them from your diet and you now haveĀ  nutritious weight management keeping you lean for the rest of your life, not some gimmick diet.

-Josh Gould


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