Switching Resistance



A great way to revitalize your workout without changing the movement of an exercise is switching the form of resistance that you are challenging yourself with.

Think outside the box! We most commonly use Gravity as our resistance. You’re actually resisting gravity right now as you read this. Exercises with dumbbells, barbells, and cable systems all use gravity as the resistance but there are other forms.

Using the tools I just mentioned you can also train with Inertial Force (you are already). Gravitational force accelerated is inertial force. However, gravity only acts downward, inertial force can act in any direction.

Friction is another source of resistance.  Friction is the resistive force when two objects are in contact with each other (think of pushing a sled sliding against the floor).

Jump in the pool and train against Fluid Resistance! Try swimming, running, jumping or holding something that floats under the water (no children!!!). Those are all forms of Fluid Resistance.

Another form you may be more familiar with is Elasticity. This form of resistance can be used when exercising with elastic bands. A benefit of Elasticity is that the movement begins with low resistance (band is loose) and ends with high resistance (band is stretched). This is contrary to force production of most human muscles adding another level of difficulty.

If you are getting bored with your workout it’s not your workout’s fault, it’s YOURS!!!




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