Switchin up your HIIT Cardio Program to keep the fat falling off

Many of my followers, clients and others I talk to day-to-day  have really enjoyed the effects of high intensity interval training. If you have been using it for a while switching it up is very easy.

If you have been using my recommended 2:1 ratio of “high” intervals to “low” intervals it might be time to increase the time of your intervals.

Example: Sprint or hill intervals- If you were performing 2 minutes of high intensity followed by 1 minute of low intensity switch to 4 minutes of high intensity followed by 2 minutes of low intensity. This will confuse the body even further.

*You may need to adjust how intense your “high” intensity is due to the longer duration.

Remember the body will change and adapt to being UNcomfortable not comfortable so if you want the body to change you need to work for it.

Check out my Cardio Section for more info on HIIT and great examples of cardio programs that you can perform.


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