Swim Suit Season?

This is a reminder to get ready for swim suit season! You’re probably saying to yourself, “Josh, summer just ended have you lost your mind?”. NO, I have not lost my mind infact I’m smart enough to prepare for next years swim suit season now! “But I have all winter before I have to get ready for a swim suit”.

The point I’m trying to make is that this is the perfect time to set long term goals. Give yourself lots of time to whip that body in shape instead of starting in April and being dissapointed in May. Have you ever wished you had less time to diet or get in shape? Have you ever said, “wow this diet is going way too fast I better slow down I’m losing too much body fat”?

NEVER! Take advantage of the colder months and the extra clothes to get ready for the grand unveiling come summer time. Plan some long term goals and take your time getting the body you want. Come see me and we can plan some 1,3, or 6 month exercise programs for you.

In health,
Josh Gould

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