Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!: Xlr8 Shoes (aka sperm shoes)

On my flight to Florida last week I found the plethora of stupid inventions. It was basically sitting in my lap, well in my seat back pocket. You may have guessed it. It is an encyclopedia, a bible if you will of extreme inventions. It is…..Sky Mall!

If you have been on a plane in the last century you have probably killed time during take-off reading the Sky Mall catalog. It is home of the 4 hot dog toaster and the Spy Pen.

Let me introduce Xlr8 Shoes which I call the Sperm Shoes.

And I thought the Nike Swoosh was marketing genious.

You’ll feel cool and fresh with every step as the pumping actionof the SPD-X sole draws air away from the footbed and expels it though a one way valve. No more hot, sticky, smelly feet. The AVS system will help to reduce your shoes internal temperature and reduce microbial growth. Also included is a padded, removable insole to accommodate any specialty orthopedics you might use.

Are they serious with this? I had to read the product details twice to catch that. I think I want these just for the reaction. Yes, ladies they are sold in women’s┬ásizes and various sperm covered colors and designs. Enjoy. If you would like to order check them out at


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  • Dan

    hahahaha who actually paid to produce this

  • jgould

    When I was younger I thought that the stuff in Sky Mall was so awesome that you could only order it from planes while you were in the sky. Once you landed you were not able to purchase the stuff anymore.