Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!: The Red Exerciser

OK, so this isn’t as funny because I had to go old school and I have a pretty good hunch the Red Exerciser has been pulled off the shelves. Maybe it’s still living in your spare bedroom as a really awkward clothes rack, like many of these at-home-workout-out-machines end up being.

What IS funny is this video and that pathetic excuse for a workout.

Let’s see if we can do 20….”bahahaha. Then the dude kind of laughs and then starts to moan like it’s such a gruelling exercise that he can’t count!? ….fifteen….ah…fourrr-ah-teen.

Then when you think your core could not handle anymore of this machine’s demonic exercises, they throw in the knee raise! Did you hear him ask the girls, “what’s your favorite color?” What a creep.

From one exercise expert to another here is a tip for you. I loved the matching red and black tops, very cute, but when you’re changing for the shoot be careful not to put the ladies’ shorts on, especially when you’re seated and facing a camera.


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