Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: The Face Trainer!

The No!No! Face Trainer“Face Trainer is the bomb”

I know what you’re thinking….”finally!”

I’m such an idiot. To think….I’ve been training my face with dumbbells this whole time! Set after set, rep after rep of chin presses, jaw squats, cheek blasters, but not any more. The Face Trainer has come along and completely changed the way any faces will be trained in the future. The dude said it all, “and it’s just up…and up…and up.” I guess it was my sloppy technique keeping me from the results I wanted. 

Can you say Face Personal Trainer? See you later losers! I’m heading to Hollywood! Well…once I can open my jaw again. I fell asleep with it on and talking and eating is a work in progress, however, I have less wrinkles than a 13 year old boy and without the acne! And now I don’t have to wear make up!

$199? yikes!

Ellen beat me to it. I just watched this video and she listed every Stupid Exercise Invention I’ve done!!!!! Like…in order! I swear I didn’t copy her, I don’t even watch her show. Maybe she’s a fan of the site? I know she’s not but let’s just go with it. Next week though, if she bites my bit again, I’m buying a ticket to the show and storming the stage!

Have a “stupider” exercise invention than this? (that you haven’t seen on the Ellen show) Let me know. [email protected]


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