Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Steelcase Walkstation

I think this is my new favorite. Obviously it’s not as ridiculous as say the iGallop or the Hawaii Chair but this is funny because of the seriousness in which this woman takes this invention. Time magazine, are you serious? Time magazine????

What company would let this slide? I would love to be a fly on the wall during the meeting when you introduce bringing a treadmill into your office to your superior. She even said that her productivity went down 30%. If I remember correctly that’s going from an A+ to a C-. It is said to be the exercise invention that allows you to exercise and work simultaneously. Which is true if you want to do a shitty job and have a shitty workout.

It wouldn’t be distracting to your coworkers, right? Women walking in heels in the cubicle next to you for an hour. Wait. Why did she wear heels? If you knew you were going to workout why wouldn’t you put sneakers on? Maybe her office allows treadmills under desks but sneakers are a no-no. If you’re going to exercise while working you better be in appropriate working attire damn-it!

Know an exercise invention “stupider” than this? [email protected]


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