Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Slim T’s

“In two minutes Slim T’s fixed a 20 year problem” -Corrects most health issues related to large amounts of belly fat!

“The job market is really tough out there but with Slim T’s I looked good, I felt good and that’s why I got the job.”- Fixes the economy!

SlimT’s Benefits:

Reshapes Instantly
• Look Firmer
• Look Younger
• Look Well Toned
• Look Inches Slimmer
• No Diets, No Exercise (oh shit!, I might be unemployed if these really take off!)
• No Pills, No Gym Memberships
• No Surgery

Best of all it “won’t raise body temperature !!!!

It is safe to say the joke is on me. To think I went through all that trouble in my Diet Journal to show real proof of diet and exercise when “instantly” I could have “looked firmer“!

PS- I think this is going to be a great thread with lots of stupid stuff to come!


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