Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Shake Weight!

Hilarious Shake Weight Exercise for Women – Watch more Funny Videos

You probably saw this one coming. I mean, this thing is going national! I’ve seen this all over TV. They must be selling and people are getting their shake on! It must be the boyfriends and husbands buying it for their ladies. Maybe I’m the only one perverted enough to think it but certain positions in the Shake Weight’s exercise program look rather erotic. The Shake Weight may help strengthen certain muscles that a male counterpart wouldn’t mind developed on a woman.

Actually, I take that all back.¬† People are buying because it was studied at a “presitigious” California university. Which also doesn’t want to be named? Probably because they are embarassed to be associated with this baby. I can just see the men and women in lab coats laughing at the participants behind the glass saying, “doesn’t that chick kinda look like she’s bleeping a bleep?”.

Just wait until I invent the Shake Weight  that transforms the body in only 5 minutes!

-Josh Gould

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