Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Perfect Pull-Up/Push-Up

Incase¬† you didn’t feel like push-ups were adequate you may have gone the length of spending money on perhaps the best exercise that doesn’t require any sort of equipment in the first place. But does the Perfect Push-Up make it more effective than normal push-ups? Not according to researchers from the Mayo Clinic who tested muscle activation. There was not advantage for using the Perfect Push-Up. (Journal Strength and Conditioning Research, 24: 3352-3362,2010)

The pull-up is also an excellent exercise that can be performed with minimum equipment.  The same research team at the Mayo Clinic also tested the Perfect Pull-Up and also found no advantage for using the gimmicky mail order equipment.

Push-ups and Pull-ups are “perfect” all on their own. Save your money.


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  • Joe Gunter

    The Perfect Pushup has been demonstrated by MANY independent professionals (unaffiliated w/ the inventors) to improve the normal pushup.

    Wherever you got your high school diploma, send it back. They did not teach you basic physics, e.g.:

    1 – Going lower (beyond the regular plane of the floor) intensitifes the push movement
    2 – Rotating one’s arms engages triceps

    Good luck with your janitorial service.

  • jgould

    This comment is so ignorant it’s hard to respond to. Don’t tell me many independent professionals demonstrated how the PP improves a push-up and then not name any. Secondly I’m going to believe the researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research over your no-name joke sources.

    Then, like all internet trolls, you insult me like I’m bothered by it. Comment on my education when clearly posted on my site is my education, experience, certifications and decorations. Ignorant. Janitorial service was a poor pass at humor. You’re coming to MY company’s site to comment- boy is that irony.

    Not sure why you’re insulting me when I am reciting what the Mayo Clinic researchers found. Muscle activation of normal push-ups and push-ups using the PP were measured using electromyography. “There were no differences in muscle activation”.

    1- going lower intensifies the push-up movement? Intensifies pain. There is no need to go beyond the plane of the floor. Take barbell bench pressing for example. Is the bar bent to go beyond our chest? Do we lower dumbbells into our armpits? No because the hands do not need to be taken beyond the shoulder joint.

    2- Rotating one’s arms engages triceps? let me guess you heard this on the commercial? Triceps have no rotation function. Basic Physics.

    I agree with the findings and find that the is PP stupid. The problem with the fitness industry is that we keep trying to reinvent the wheel. What a waste of money that people are tricked in to paying. If some one doesn’t properly use push-ups, buying the PP is not going to resculpt their body.