Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!: Neckline Slimmer

“You need to see this…”

Those pictures are kind of crazy. I’m a little upset that I had to wear braces with elastics (remember those?) for 2 years followed by a retainer for another year to fix my jaw! Not to mention the thousands my parents spent and the nightmare it was kissing girls in middle school. ┬áThese people train their chin for 2 minutes a day and they have a new face.

Good thing they have 3 different settings. My chin is out of shape. I haven’t got my chin off the couch in years. Always just hanging around under my mouth.

What the hell is on that training DVD? How much direction do you need? We all just got the idea watching a youtube clip.

1. Put Neck Slimmer under chin.

2. Push down chin.

3. Repeat.

Know a better Exercise Invention than this? Let me know! [email protected]

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