Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: iGallop

So it seems the Ellen Show’s team of writers are staying ahead of me with this exercise invention bit and once again as I do some research for today’s invention I see that Ellen has also had the iGallop on the show. At first I was mad (so I did some push-ups……kidding) but this invention is to good not to post.

Get your check books out ladies and gentlemen!

Ha! I’m kind of speechless. The first thing I thought was, “well this is created by a man.” Are the chaps, vests, and cowboy hats included? The iGallop does get my vote for “funnest” exercise invention.

This is a tough gift to get. Getting your special someone any exercise product is touchy and a bit sensitive. A man giving this as a gift to their lady…….you might get slapped.

“But hunny, they said riding a horse was really good exercise but horses are expensive.”

So you can ride a fake horse and go no where or you can use a treadmill and GO somewhere!?


Is this real or fake? What do you guys think?


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  • Dan

    Hahahaha the iGallop was definitely created by a man… i just ordered 2.